Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Walter Greenblatt & Associates works to ensure the success of early-stage biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical service clients by working hand in hand to provide them with rigorous strategic plans, raise capital, consummate mergers, acquisitions and product outlicensing and, as necessary, to provide on-going operational support.

We call this sleeves-rolled-up approach to working with our clients Full-Contact Investment Banking℠. By working this way, we increase our clients' success rate raising capital and building their companies.

We serve biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical service companies of virtually all sizes from very early stage startups to established public companies.

Walter Greenblatt & Associates serves as the translator between scientists and potential investors:

  • We help scientists develop a strategic plan that explains the scientific and economic promise of their technology to non-scientists
  • We assist scientists in understanding the value of their idea and guide them through the appropriate capital raising process to help it to reach the next stage of development.
  • We enable established companies to maximize shareholder value through strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures and product outlicense deals.