Sale and Product Outlicensing

M&A Advisory and Business Development: Sales and Product Outlicensing

Walter Greenblatt & Associates, LLC helps biotech owners to plan and implement effective personal exit strategies.

The objective: maximize value to the owners. To maximize value we seek to sell to the qualified buyer to whom the science is most valuable and the business is worth most. Further, it means creating the competitive market conditions and rational deal structure to flush out that buyer’s best offer. Maximum value refers not only to the sales.

M&A Advisory and Business Development Services for Selling Company or Product Outlicensor:

  • Value Business or Product
  • Identify Potential Buyers and/or Product In-Licensors
  • Prepare Offering Documents
  • Identify Prospects
  • Evaluate Tax Considerations
  • Generate a Limited Auction
  • Design Deal Structure
  • Negotiate Deal
  • Select Purchaser
  • Manage Due Diligence Process
  • Close Deal