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Investment Banking

  • develop the strategic framework needed to select appropriate candidates;
  • identify and approach prospective acquisition targets and/or in-licensing candidates;
  • determine the value of the target;
  • negotiate an economically sound deal;
  • create—in advance—an integration plan; and
  • perform comprehensive due diligence.

Walter Greenblatt & Associates, LLC also compares the viable financing vehicles for your acquisition program and raises the required capital when necessary to implement the plan.

In short, we help ensure the success of our client's in-licensing and/or acquisition program.

Services for Acquiring Company:

  • Refine Acquisition Criteria to Match and Support Strategic Plan
  • Identify Acquisition Candidates
  • Value Candidate
  • Design Deal Structure
  • Negotiate Deal
  • Evaluate Financing Options
  • Raise Debt and Equity Capital
  • Manage Due Diligence Process
  • Close Purchase or In-licensing Deal